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Post by Hiro Luffy on Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:27 pm

This is pretty strait forward

  • you are the narrator of your posts not the char your char. Basically saying you speak in third person.
  • All posts must be min. 1 paragraph (2-3 sentences) this is to insure you include detail etc. though this rule is loosley enforced please have some standards.
  • No double in character posting. (wait your turn)
  • You cannot call a hit, EVER. instead of saying, "I stab you," say somthing like, "his sword thrusts at the lower left of steve's chest."
  • No god modding. (nuff said)
  • PAY ATTENTION to detail
  • You can't ever auto dodge which is to just say, "I dodge" and have it count or something like that. If you want to dodge, explain how you dodge. Like, what direction, etc.
  • BE ARTICULATE! Phrase all posts as if part of a story. Don't just call out your actions.
  • ALWAYS be realistic, there are instances when your character can't avoid damage.
  • Any problems can be addressed in the Ask Away Forum.
  • Be VERY detailed in your posts. (Where exactly is the attack coming from? Where is it aimed? etc.)
  • Be precise about distance
  • Understand the difference between out of character and in character, your character dose NOT know everything in a fight that you do
  • all attacks must include where they are aimed for and any other information the other person needs to know, not just what there char sees
  • be realistic about how much damage you have taken (you cant just say your char is unhurt because there really strong or avoided getting knocked out cold by shear will power)
  • Please argue outside of the RPing room

About death: If indeed your character dies inside a role play, you will have to create a new character, and do everything you did over. This is sometimes good if you want a character change.

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default Re: Rules for Combat

Post by Luffy on Wed Jun 23, 2010 3:06 pm

/moved to rpg battle system

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