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Post by Luffy on Thu Jun 24, 2010 12:45 am

Venom Demon: Jigoku no Shinpan (毒の巨兵 地獄の審判, Benomu Dēmon Jigoku no Shinpan?, Venom Demon: Hell's Judgment): Magellan's ultimate attack. He produces an enormous amount of liquid poison, that he calls Kinjite (禁じ手, Forbidden Hand), and, from it, he forms into a massive devil-like entity that mimics his every movement, with its head and hands resemble those of Magellan's. The color of this poison liquid is crimson-colored and releases a noxious smoke to go along with it. The poison made from Hell's Judgment is so toxic that it affects even non-organic objects, with the poison spreading like a disease over everything that makes contact with it, even if not directly, and seems to kill the afflicted victims right away once the infection spreads all the way throughout the body (which seems to be at a very rapid rate). Magellan claimed that this technique is potent enough to destroy all of Impel Down.
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