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default Devil Fruit Creation Template

Post by Luffy on Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:27 pm

Devil Fruit Template
Name:{what the name of the fruit is}
Type:{para, Zoan, Logia}
What island or ocean it is found in:{east blue, west blue, south blue, north blue}{jaya, water seven}
Power:{a full discription on what it does}
Strength:{what is the power strong against, if nothing leave it blank}
Weakness:{what the power is weak against, it has to be weak to two different things, excluding the weakness cant swim}
Techniques/Moves:{All the moves that come with the devil fruit}

Name: Gomu Gomu Fruit{gum gum fruit}
Type: Para
Ocean: East Blue
Power: Turns you to a rubber person, can strech your body to any limit
Strength: Against explosions, physical attacks, Lightning abilities.
Weakness: Getting Cut, poisen, water, fire, wind, sand.
Gomu Gomu No Pistol
Gomu Gomu No Bazooka
Gomu Gomu No Axe
Gomu Gomu No ballon
Gomu Gomu No Stomp
Gomu Gomu No whip
Gear Second
Gear Third

And we all now the other ones.
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Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin

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