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Post by Luffy on Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:38 pm

Crew Template

Name:{simply the name of the crew}
Captain:{simply who is the captain}
Island/Ocean:{the island you sail in or ocean}{If you have a kindom then put kingdom:....}
Type:{Crew, or a group}
Pirate Flag Sign:{add the image or tell me an i'll do it}{Or give a discription an a admin will help you find one}
Goals:{Simply the goals to you want}
Rank: {Whats your rank system}{In the show the straw hats didn't have a rank system they were all equal an have there own thing to do}{In the show the white beard pirates had different ships which others led}
The name of your ship{simply the name of the ship your ride in}
Areas that your ship has:{example: kitchen, rooms, cannon rooms, planning rooms, uper decks etc...}
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin

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