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Post by Luffy on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:13 pm

What is Beli?
Beli is the forum/one piece way to use/count money.

What is Beli Used in the forum to do?
You use Beli to buy weaponds, devil fruits or purchase anything in the forum.

Steps To Get Beli
Marine Steps
  • Step number one has to be the easiest, simply post in areas to get beli. Some give more then others.

  • Marines are suspost to catch pirates alive or dead. So if you catch a pirate or bandit with a bounty on his head your ship or base gets all the beli. If its your ship, everyone who helped out gets beli. Can you keep all the beli to your self? answer no. If your members on your ship helped you defeat the pirate or bounty hunter then all of you split the beli. If its a base, then the base gets the beli an the highest three ranking decide who gets the beli or how they want to split the beli. Just remeber that atleast the highest three even if they did nothing they still get some beli.

  • Step three is also easy. You get beli by the rank you work. As a admiral you would get weekly pay more then what a zetsuyou would get.

You also get beli for comming online.

Pirate Steps
Pirates are harder to get beli. If you are in the news paper then you will get beli for it. If you find any treashier then its yours. If you beat a pirate crew and one of the pirates have a bounty that doesn't mean you get the bounty. The Marines will not award you if the bounty is 44,000,000 or higher. Any Lower you can get the beli. The easiest way is posting inside the forums. You get beli for every post you have. If you take control of a town or a village those people will have to pay you. Or if you save a town then the villagers might show gratitude an pay you for it.Also yoy get beli for comming online.

Bounty Hunter Steps
Bounty hunters are easy for getting money. Just kill someone that is in a island closer to you and then if they have a bounty then you get there money. You also can get local jobs around your area. Some times you might get lucky and you can save a town from pirates or bandits. If so you get there bounty's if any and the marines may give you beli for helping the world and island out. The island or village might want to show gratitude and also give you beli to show thanks. You can also post inside the forum to get beli to. Also you get beli for comming online everyday or almost everyday.

Bandit steps
Just steal from towns
kill people with bounties
you can also get beli by posting in the forum
an comming online almost everyday.
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