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Post by Luffy on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:05 pm

In order for the Davy Back Fight to begin, both captains must agree to the terms. If the terms are agreed upon, both Captains will fire a gun at the same time into the air, sealing the agreement. Right after, the exact rules will be said to the crew of both teams. The 3 main rules are the basic traditions of the game.
Any crew-members or symbols lost during the Davy Back Fight, may only be retrieved during a Davy Back Fight.
Selected crew-members must immediately swear loyalty to their opponent's Captain
If your symbol is taken, you must never raise it again.

If a crew wins a challenge, it is the captain's job to pick the team member they want. They have a right to know the person's profession on the ship. If the Captain does not like anyone, they may take the crew's Jolly Roger, requiring the crew to remove their flags and sails, and may not use them again. The only exception may be if it is somehow won back. It is also assumed that if the winning crew wants, they may use any of the symbols they have stolen, but so far this does not seem to be the case.
The Captain who initiated the challenge is allowed to pick which rule set to play by, 1, 2, or 3 Coin is standard. Some Captains allow their opponents to pick, but this is unusal, and mostly happens when the captain feels they will win no matter what, and it doesn't matter. The amount of coins is then tossed into the sea, to tell Davy Jones about the challenge.
Captains and Teammates are allowed to interfere with anyone, this includes attacking enemies playing the game by any means.

Games Played
The games are the main event. Players for each game are chosen before-hand. If anyone playing round 2 is lost in round 1, the team with the missing member must play without that member. Once the teams are chosen, they can not be changed later.


Donut Race
The Donut Race is a race, where 3 team-members from each crew are given materials (mostly barrels) and must build their own boat using them. Each team then uses their boat to go around the island(or part of the island they are on, if there is a mini-island surrounded by water right next to, or part of the main one) and the first person to reach the finish-line wins. Both team are allowed to use weapons, and to do anything, including pushing the other boat backwards, do damage to the other boat and even kill all the members of the opposing team. The other members of the crew can also support the team.

Groggy Ring
This game is played normally with 3 players. One player is the "ball" on each team, and it is the goal of the opposing team to knock the player that is the "ball" into the opposing team's goal. The goal is a large, circular tube, used in a way similar to a basketball hoop. No weapons are allowed (though if the referee doesn't notice the weapons, they can be used).

Captain's Fight The Main Event
The Captain's Fight is a duel between the 2 Captains. A cannon is fired and wherever, or whatever it lands on becomes the Ring. While inside the ring, the opponents are allowed to use any object or weapon in the arena. Devil Fruits are allowed. The first person out of the ring loses. This includes being blown to bits and a shred of the person lands outside the Arena, or the opponent throwing a piece out.

The Extra Games In the Anime there were other ones added when Luffy agreed to a second game.

Game 1: Roller Skate
This game has 5 rounds if one team gets 3 wins the game is automatically over. The goal in this game is to skate as many laps as you can before the time runs out. When the first 10 sec pass, there would be a signal to call the next group to skate. Players are not allowed to skate backwards or out of the ring or they'll immediately lose the round, although the air is safe as long as they don't touch the ground.

Game 2: Dodge Ball
There has been no limit for participants. The 2 groups choose which member to be the outsiders and which to be the insiders. The game is like the real dodgeball. In this game you're not allowed to hit another person's face, not allowed step out of the playing field and not allowed to break or eat the ball (this game appears to be prepared for all contingencies). Cheating in this game is against the rules, cheaters are decapitated. No weapons are allowed except for a contraption called Dead Hit-Kun (a giant ball launcher).

Filler Game 3: Red and Green Light
Just like the real game but in this one, weapons and attacking are allowed in the game.

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