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Post by Luffy on Wed May 12, 2010 8:24 pm

While new members arrive (I thank those who make the commercials for the forum (I also thank my own course )), I decided to add several new rules:

The posts in rpg must now make minimum 5 lines !

And for several reasons:

- The posts are too short not much interest ...
- What is the answer to a post on one line?
- The more description of the actions of a character, the better you can imagine what happens, the better you can understand the situation.
- It is therefore more enjoyable ^ ^

This was for information, I expect no particular answer (unless you want to protest But I warn you, I'm able to throw people to the sharks (and for those who forget my birthday)).

I recall that you can change your character if you want, by asking me to unlock ...

Spelling mistakes will be punished if too many.

Consider using punctuation (to make sentences with a capital letter and a point). I know it's not easy to write correctly, but still it is not that hard ... For complicated words, I understand, but for those found anywhere, no excuses!

There is no reason for grammer mistakes, were all 11 and older in the forum so we should no most words, some of us are smarter then others, if you need help spelling or any other grammer then just pm me or any other smart older admin, i expect to get a very smart admin which you can pm him about it, but intell then you'll have to deal with me Smile

But for real no slang no texting words i want professional writting, as if you were writting a paper to college. Here are the warnings you get for not right language


You can get a warning if:
- You post more than once a message game less than five lines.
- You make too much spelling errors (when y'en almost a word ...).
- You Flood in part outside the flooding.
- You do not respect these rules there.
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