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default Rules On RPG and travel Guide[Official]

Post by Luffy on Wed May 12, 2010 10:22 pm

It is imperative that each State to look at the instructions so to see what to do and just get a lot of guidance and information of them, especially the rules of the forum on a smooth course of the Forum and the game!

The following rules are guidelines only as they shall follow them.

Every time you travel you need to write atleast 15 post on how you got there, and how you left and what you did when you were there.
No spam, if you post about 30 times unless you are staying for a long time or are in the middle of conqoring the island then 30 post or more is considered, but if its just a visit to get more idems, food, ect.. then more then 15 but less then 25. Anymore then that and the beli you got from posting there will be taken away.

To travel from one island to another must complete 15 posts and wait 3 hours to post to the next. And to get your turn to travel to Great Line should have completed Istria on all islands of the sea and you From the East Blue Sea.

When someone goes to the Grand Line can not be turned back at sea the way they came, but just to run (says the name of the party must go, Reverse Mountain ...) to make the circle will should face the Boss of Marines Giant John!

Before you go to Great line should go through the Calm Belt which should certainly make 20 posts, the rule is the same here except the first 15 posts.

When you make your character and you fill out the form with the information you will not start unless it has been approved by modertor or admins. one of them and will respond immediately!

Attacks will remove you for your player, but I will not hold, should be purchased from the shop with the skills which will set up after we accept your character.

You have to combinations of weapons and armor check the right amounts and what you provide the instructions.
If you want to create your own weapon, you can write about this on the form, character, and also expects to be approved by an oper.

Any questions dont post here, ask either me or a admin.
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin

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