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Post by Luffy on Thu May 13, 2010 6:23 pm

  1. Welcome to the english One Piece RPG
    I know we aren't the first but were the only official One Piece Rpg forum. Most of the ones are either abandoned or different language.

    Before you start read the instructions here to understand how you play the game ..
    then take a look in other directions ...

    • Character Creation

Go One Piece RPG System-> Character Registration and choose on how you can start your own adventure . Choose between Pirates, Marines, Bounty Hunter (the boss is on a particular island, you are not NPC player You can move from island to island, but remains on the same island to do battle). Before you get the player
you must fill out the information you get from the instructions.

  • For Pirates Planning On going To grand Line

When you start as you begin to write a pirate adventure in the sea and the island that you selected when you build your player (eg, East Blue-Organ Island). Once you start your adventure by making new local start writing what you did. To leave the island you must post at least 15 times. Molis finish your adventure will be announced by the world government and the Bounty Beli they get( The anouncement either maybe in the anouncement section or in the forum newspaper)
If your stories are exaggerated or you will get little or Beli will not get any Bounty (Do not complain about it).

WARNING!:To get to Grand Line must pass all the islands of the sea (eg most the islands of East Blue) and then go to Red Line will necessarily do opou story or just post 20 or the pliroma.Sto story will not get Bounty or Beli but it is the''ticket''to enter the Grand Line. It is mandatory that your navigator or ship captain purchases a log pose, when you go to the Grand Line (you will find in Loguetown).

  • For Marines Planning On going to Grand Line

Marines can travel anywere they want and only have to go to a min. amout of three islands.
You can go by your-self depending on rank, or go with a crew on a ship.

WARNING! You must go to logue town before leaving to the grand line.[ Logue Town is in east blue so if your in any other Ocean like south blue, north blue, etc.] You will have to travel from your location and go to East Blue Logue Town. If your comming from North Blue It will take 50 post to go from north blue to east blue. If comming from south blue it is 50 post, and if comming from west blue it will take 85 post to get to logue town. I know it seems long but Role Playing with your crew will be faster because it maybe like 10 of you and 8 post from all of you is 80 post, this is why I recommend that you travel to grand line with a marine ship.

  • For Bounty Hunters Planning On going to Grand Line

Bounty Hunters can take as long as they want. If on a big ship with a crew then post 15 times each time you leave a island. Bounty Hunters have to go to atleast 2 Islands then to reverse Mountain.

ATTENTION !!!!! Before making your character can see the list of fruits. An if you want to make your own fruit simply click on the post Make your own fruit and generally expect to accept your character.

GENERAL FOR THE RED LINE: Red Line is another entrance to the Grand Line, but also the most difficult parts and there in lies the basis for the Marines but also the island Amazon Lilly (which men can not set foot on). You will find information on how operate these islands.
Do you know to go there you should be in the Grand Line. From there you decide whether to go or not.
Note: Marine are able to use the red line to get to the grandline, this saves time.

The beli is the official currency in the world of One Piece.
You can buy weapons, uniforms t many others will find the Market Shop opou have each city.
Also you can buy skills to improve your player and you can battle other players.
Beli can earn by writing your story or event than by fighting.

How to grow a bounty:
To grow the bounty you have a history you can kill people or pirates or Marines or defeated in PvP or defeat boss (There are many ways).
After the battle on a island with another pirate bounty hunter marine etc... The admin would do reply and announce your bounty.
You can also grow from the Bounty your story lines. If you do things that the fleet admiral or admiral sees as a threat your bounty will go up. It can also be decresed. Marine then goes to the Admin.
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin

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