Special Ranks and How To Rank Up!

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default Special Ranks and How To Rank Up!

Post by Luffy on Thu May 13, 2010 6:32 pm

How to become Shichibukai

You must have a high Bounty and accept a proposal by Fleet Admiral, or you can suggest yourself in the local Shichibukai and wait for an answer.
If you will become a Shichibukai rival pirates and will work with the Marines and the Bounty Hunters.
There will only be 10 Shichibukai.

How to become one of the Eleven Supernovas

The Admin will notice on the 11 Supernovas at a time.
The first 11 Pirates Bounty the larger will be the 11 Supernovas.
Admin will make announcement on when and where to meet.
Being Supernova is mandatory for Rookie Pirates.

How to become a fleet Admiral

Now there is only one currently which is the Leader of the fleet Admiral. Ask Smoker and if he says yes then your in or he might send you on a mission to determine if your worthy. There will only be 3 Fleet Admirals

How to become a Admiral

Smoker the leader of the fleet admiral reconize your talents and ask you to be admiral.
Note: You have to have a devils fruit, it must be Logia Type.
There will only be 7 Admirals
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin
Pirate Captain of the Strawhat Pirates-Admin

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