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Chief Warden (監獄署長, Kangoku Shochō?)
resides in Level 4
only serves about four hours of service.

Vice Warden (副署長, Fuku Shochō?)
is choseing by the cheif warden
resides on the top floor own room
16 hours of service.

Chief Guard (牢番長, Rōban Chō?)
commander of the Blue Gorillas
serves 4 hours of service.
resides in level 2
chosen by cheif warden

Chief Guard (獄卒長, Gokusotsu Chō?)
sadistic torturer
commander of the Four Demon Guards
resides in level 3
chosen by cheif warden
6 hours of service

Vice Chief Guard (副看守長, Fuku Kanshu Chō?)
resides on level 1
chosen by vice warden
10 hours of service


* Human guards: Either stationed in the monitor room or various other places. They vary in duties.
o Bazooka Unit: A group of thousand troops holding large, bullet bazookas.
* Blue Gorillas: Super strong and mindless gorillas with doubleheaded axes, under the command of Saldeath. Mainly reside in Level 1, but can be called to other levels.
* The Four Demon Guards: Four fearsome guardians of Impel Down, under the command of Cheif Guard 2 "awakened"

Zoan-class Devil Fruit users.
o Minotaurus: A bipedal bull who beats up prisoners often.
o Minorhinoceros: A bashful bipedal rhinoceros.
o Minokoala: A bipedal koala bear that is also an armed fighter.
o Minozebra: A shy bipedal zebra who pushes prisoners into the lake of blood

Other Beasts

* Basilisk: Giant snake born from a chicken that shares traits of both creatures.
* Manticores: Man-eating, human-faced lions that can eat their preys completely. Has the ability to talk but not understand what they are saying.
* Puzzle Scorpions: Extremely poisonous creatures that can unite to form giant centipedes.
* Sphinx: Boss of the level, extremely strong and guards the stairs. Also has the ability to talk but likewise with the Manticores has no understanding of what what it is saying.
* Hummingbirds: Wild beasts also found in Level 2.
* Wolf Unit: Extremely vicious wolves that prey on even other beasts, relocated to Level 5.
* Giant-Mouth Hippo: (Anime only) Deceptively diminutive hippos who are capable of running very fast (but can't turn well) and stretching their mouths to swallow larger prey (i.e. prisoners) whole.
* Giant Praying Mantis: (Anime only) A humanoid species of praying mantis skilled in fighting that uses its sword arms to try to slice intruders to pieces. Wears a uniform similar to that of an Impel Down guard.
* Giant Rat:Two rats were seen hanging on the walls with their heads facing the floor. They were seen attacking one prisoner.
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