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The World Government is made up of 180 countries who run their own affairs but act together with the World Government when it comes to Foreign Policy. The Marines act as the fighting fist of this organization which is the largest power in the world. They claim to uphold truth and justice but the truth is that they themselves act on questionable motives and often cover up the truth just to keep the peace. The World Government will stop at nothing to keep order even if it means ignoring the rights of the very people they protect. Three famous examples of World Government cover ups are The Ohara Incident, Water 7 and Alabasta.

The Lost History, The Poneglyphs
The most serious crime in the World Government’s books is reading the Poneglyphs as they erased every single other snippet of information of the Void Century. If one can read these stones then they have the ability to call forth terrible weapons of destruction – ones which the World Government wouldn’t mind having themselves. Hence the reason for Nico Robin’s high bounty. Not even the world leaders have a clue about the information written on the stones. The only thing that is known about the Void Century is that a great race lost a war against an ancient enemy. This enemy could very well be the Five Elder Stars.

Anyone who raises the flag of conviction or declares that they are a pirate is instantly foes of the World Government. The Five Elder Stars are so concerned about the growing power of pirates that they even made a pact with a few that are now known as the Shichibukai. As the power of the Marines and the Pirates are about equal, the World Government will do anything to top a full on conflict between the two. There are a few pirates that worry the World Government the most. These are Monkey D. Luffy (due to defeating Sir Crocodile, ruining Enies Lobby and getting a crew member to set the World Government flag alight) and the Yonkou (Four Emperors). These four pirates rule over the latter half of the Grand Line like kings and a meeting between Whitebeard and Red Haired Shanks would be completely out of the question for the World Government.

The Five Elder Stars (Gorousei)
These five old men are at the highest tier of the World Government, outranking the Marines, Cipher Pol and the Shichibukai. They have the power to order Buster Calls and move whole fleets of Marines.

The Marines
The Marines act as the main fighting force of the World Government, hunting down pirates with extreme force. The Marines follow a code called ‘Absolute Justice’ which means anyone who has committed a crime has to be punished. They are led by Fleet Admiral Sengoku who has complete command over every single ship and answers only to the Five Elder Stars.
The Shichibukai
These pirates have had their bounties dropped and now work for the Government. They may only attack other pirates and give ten percent of the treasure they gain to the World Government. The Shichibukai were formed in order to combat a Marine vs Pirate war. There are seven members: Dracule ‘Hawkeye’ Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma, Jinbei (who has yet to make an appearance but is thought to be a Great White Shark Fishman) and two other as of yet unseen pirates. Sir Crocodile used to fill the seventh slot but as of the events of Alabasta, he has been dumped from the Shichibukai. Blackbeard has shown interest in this empty position.
Cipher Pol
Ciphor Pol Nine
There are nine Cipher Pol units, with each one acting as a kind of secret police and assassins from the World Government. CP9 (the most powerful Cipher Pol unit) are a secret one and have more powers than that of the others. They can use the rokushiki techniques (a group of six powerful skills that only CP9 know) and have recently been given the ability by Admiral Aokiji to order a Buster Call. CP9 are based in Enies Lobby Tower of Justice.
Vegapunk is a Professor hired by the World Government to research the fabled Devil Fruits. He discovered seastone (which can also be applied to a ship hull to hide it from sea kings and cancel out Devil Fruit powers), how objects can Devil Fruits as well as having a vast knowledge about the topic in general.
Government Soldiers
These men fight alongside the Marines from time to time and are seen as equal to a Seaman Recurit. Their uniform is black with the World Government logo coloured white on the back. They are led by Corgi. Corgi tries again and again to get the blueprints for Pluton off Iceberg, but always fails. He helped CP9 take Nico Robin aboard Puffing Tom before being knocked out by Sogeking in the rescue attempt. Corgi claims that he has never failed to catch a pirate and that his nose can sniff them out.
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